Dear Friends, Family, and Loyal Clients –

I love your faces. I love your smiles, your eyes, your freckles. I love hearing your laughter and seeing looks of love exchanged between you and your family. I love walking with you and getting to know you while looking through the lens of my camera.

I love coming home and putting your pictures on my giant monitor and dazzling you with perfect pictures. Well, the pictures aren’t perfect, but in my experience, they feel perfect because they capture the ones you love. And let’s be frank, I love it when you tell me how much you enjoy your photographs.

There are so many things I love about being a photographer.

As much as I love being a photographer, I love being a parent more.

When I first started my photography business, I did so with a point and shoot camera and a black sheet. I was nothing more than a lady with a camera back then. Now, I’m a photographer. I do no advertising; I simply rely on word of mouth and recommendations from you. And you’ve never let me down. My appointment book fills more and more every year. In 2015, I had so many sessions booked that I was turning people away. It killed me to do so, by the way. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.

This year, as I look forward to the upcoming spring and summer, and ultimately fall, I see a lot of summer nights and fall mornings that I want to spend with my family. I have two children, and most of you may or may not know that we struggled and ached and survived so much to get those two beautiful souls into our family. We wanted more kids, but we’re infinitely grateful for the ones we have.

Last summer my kids finally got to the point where we’d get in the car and they’d ask who’s pictures I was taking, even if we were just on our way to the store. And it wasn’t excitement that filled their voices. It was resignation. They knew that after we scoped out the location, I’d be soon on my way to take those pictures, followed by hours sitting at the computer. Mommy sitting at the computer means a mommy who can’t play.

And as you know, kids are only little for so long. My daughter starts school next year, in 2017. And then I’ll be home alone with no voices to fill the halls. No running feet in the kitchen. No little hands patting my cheeks. I don’t want to miss this time at home with my babies. You know, my thirty and fifty pound babies. :)

When I take your pictures, I devote my time and energy to your family. And I love doing it. But with the way my business is growing, just as things are, “getting good,” as they say, I find myself having to make a decision. A commitment. To my dwindling time with my kids or to my role as a professional photographer.

So this is my official sabbatical notice. I’m taking a break from professional photography. I’m not quitting. I love it too much to quit forever. I don’t intend to give it up forever. I intend to smother my kids until they’re both in school full time. When my home is empty during the school days, I’ll fill it with the laughter and joy from your smiling faces.

Thank you for everything.

Deborah Andreasen 
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N Family, Family Photography, Archer ID

It was so fun working with this family! I haven't seen them in quite a long time. I had never even met their baby, who is on the cusp of toddlerhood. I loved the relationship between the big sisters. One needn't look too deep to see a strong bond between them.

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P Family, Family Photography, Rexburg ID

It's true that a lot of my clients are friends or family. But even if they're not, by the end of the session, they feel like friends.

This is a little family that I would gladly stalk if they weren't already in my circle of friends.

See what I mean? Trust me. You wanna be friends with this family. But don't ask me who they are. I won't tell you. I'm selfish with my friends. ;)

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W Family, Family Photography, Rexburg, ID

When this family asked for pictures, their only requirement was they wanted some fall colors. We had to drive kind of far away to get them, but it turned out great!

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W Family, Family Photography, Rexburg ID

I love it when a family comes back to me year after year for pictures. I get to see their family grow in size, and in numbers.

And sometimes I get to help announce the changes in the family. :)

Thanks W Family for being such great friends. We're so excited for you! Pin It

O Family, Family Photography, Rexburg, ID 83440

I usually go to a location the day before a session and walk around, checking out lighting and spots, etc.

This session was no different. But the next day when we showed up, it was apparent that every other photographer had done the same. Every one of our picture spots was already claimed by another photographer and his/her clients.

What was going on?!

Turns out it was graduation week for the University. So, of course, when everyone gets together, you might as well get family pictures done! And where do you go? To the Gardens on campus, of course.

I don't think we'll ever make that mistake again. :)

Luckily we still got some great shots!

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M Family, Family Photography, Rexburg, ID

Have you ever seen a family with kids that all got along and genuinely liked each other? (Not just loved each other, since that's almost required of siblings.) 

I have.

In fact, I had the great pleasure of taking their pictures.

Meet the M Family. 

And this just had to be shared with the world. It's the best "silly face" picture I've ever taken. I said, "Ok, silly face picture." I put my camera to my eye and this epicness happened.

You're welcome world. You're welcome.
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